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Online Sales

Student Incubator Companies

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    Friendly Neighborhood Shop
    Limitless Discount
    Upper Iowa Online Market
    American Internet Marketing
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How do I apply for the Upper Iowa    Business Development (UIBD)
   Grant 2012 ($100,000)

Contact the e-Center


Question: What is Upper Iowa Online Sales?


     Student incubator companies assisting residents and businesses to sell online  

     Items for sale through one of the five student incubator businesses

     Items sold though one of the following venues: eBay, Craigslist,, or Barnes & Noble

     Item offered for sale are linked on the Upper Iowa Online Sales web site for easy tracking

     Item are shipped by the student business after the sale

     Customer service is paramount with quick pay to the seller after the sale

Question: What does the Student Business Incubator do?


     Gives students the opportunity to develop and operate a startup company

     Provides an online sales opportunity to residents and businesses in Upper Iowa

     Invites interested sellers to sell items through the student companies

     Provides a web site allowing sellers to locate and track their items quickly and easily

Question:  What is a Business Incubator?

Business incubators

     Are based on the idea that small, growing, and eventually successful businesses make positive      contributions to the local economy

     Create employment opportunities

     Provide hands on learning

     Designed to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies

     Success rate for a startup business staying in business and using the incubator method is approximately      87%

     Non-incubator startups have an approximate success rate of 44%

Question:  What is Upper Iowa University’s Student Business Incubator Center?


     The center provides a real life learning experience to students beginning with the business plan through      the operations

     Provides mentoring assistance

     Provides workspace

Question:  Does UIU provide incubator assistant for non-students?


     Yes, the applicant will be required to start the business in Fayette, Iowa.

Question: Does UIU provide the opportunity for financial assistant?


      Yes, the applicant can apply for the Upper Iowa Business Development grant ($100,000)

Question: Do I need to live in Fayette, Iowa to participate in UIU’s Student Business Incubator Center?


     To be considered for a Student Business Incubator, the applicant must be a UIU student

Question: How can I apply to become an incubator company with UIU?

     Inquire with the e-Center at Upper Iowa University

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